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New-Old Kristen outtakes from the SWATH promo photoshoot (2012) 

Kristen in Metro UK (scan)


Life will be released in UK September 25, 2015

Maps To The Stars will be released in Spain January 30, 2015


New-old fan photos of Robert and Kristen at the premiere of BD2 in Madrid (2012)


Poster and Italian Trailer of The Rover


Diamond Films will release Still Alice in Brazil


Kristen Stewart - short new interview from afi fest

Corbijn talks about working on LIFE's post production and new Image of the movie

For his latest project Anton Corbijn has returned to the Hanseatic city. In Post Republic Life is currently preparing the color grading for theAustralian-Canadian-German co-production.

"It's wonderful to be here again," says Anton CorbijnDutch director and photographer had last A Most Wanted Man shot in Hamburg andwas enthusiastic about the locations and the special atmosphere in the Hanseatic city. His latest film Life tells the story of Hollywoodphotographer Dennis Stockgets to know in 1955 at a party the still unknown James Dean. A special meeting of the addition to the world-famous portraits of Hollywood icona wonderful friendship apparent.

The topic was very appealing to himtold Anton Corbijn, who became famous as a photographer mainly by its musicians ProträtsAlso on film, he has worked with artists and personalities within his first film control the life of Ian Curtisthe lead singer of the band Joy Devision inscene.

Life is produced on the German side of Wolfgang Müller (Barry Films) and is expected to mark the 60th anniversary of the deathof James Dean in 2015 in German cinemasThe main roles Dane Dehaan and Robert Pattinson playThe Hamburg Film FundSchlesig-Holstein has supported the film with  250,000 in production.


Rob Played the Guitar on Death Grips' Song "Birds" in 2013

@newnewpollution credits on the new vinyl release of Death Grips' Government Plates.

Rob with Zach Hill and MC Ride from Death Grips at Beyonce's concert back in 2013

New Fan Picture of Rob in LA Celebrating Thanksgiving (November 27)

I got the best host mum in the entire world!!! #happy #thanksgiving
#and #robertpattinson #in #the #background haha

New-Old Video of Rob and Dane DeHaan Filming Life in Toronto

New Image of Rob as Jerome in 'Maps to the Stars'

Monday, November 24, 2014

New-Old pic of Kristen with her friends

NEW 'Still Alice' Stills + 2 in HQ


From Still Alice IMDb's page

Results of 'The Storytellers - New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga' Phase 1 + Phase 2: Submit your screenplay outline (open to the US and Canada only)


#1 Character Voting: 11/11 - 11/19
#2 Screenplay Outline: 11/20 - 12/03
#3 Screenplay: 01/05 - 01/19
#4 Director Pitch: 01/30 - 02/16
#5 Short Film: 03/30 - 05/29


November 20:

You can now submit your screenplay outline BUT, the project is open to the US and Canada only. Yeah this sucks, like really.
+ Results of 'The Storytellers - New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga' Phase 1 with the top 10 Characters.
Had voted for Garrett. *happy dance*

Julianne Moore talks on working with Kristen & Jennifer Lawrence

Los Angeles— “It’s interesting because somebody just brought that up the other day,” Julianne Moore replied when I recently asked her in London about her experience working with the two most popular young actresses today in Hollywood—Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart. “This person said, ‘My gosh, you’ve worked with two of two young female leads in enormous worldwide franchises.’ What’s been interesting to me is that they’re both beautiful and talented. They’ve worn the mantle of their success very well.”

Julianne and Kristen Stewart play mother and daughter in Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland’s drama, “Still Alice.” Julianne’s portrayal of a woman fighting the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease is generating buzz that she’s the Best Actress frontrunner in this awards season.

New Outtakes from the 2012 'Snow White and the Huntsman' photoshoot for Universal added + Old now Untagged

image host image host image host image host image host

image host 

New Fan Picture of Rob in LA (November 22)

"Shopped with Robert Pattinson today."

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New Pictures of Rob at the GO GO Gala 2014 + Donate in Honor of Rob

@thegocampaing is challenging Rob fans to donate in his honor. Rob supports the organization that raises awareness and funds to help orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world (you can learn more about The GO Campaing here).

You can donate it HERE and make it in honor of Rob. As of 5 hours ago, donations were at over $1000.

New pictures of Rob at the GO GO Gala 

HD Screencaps for Still Alice Clip 'What Is It Like?'