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New-Old Fan Pictures of Kristen in Paris (February 5)

Directors Wash Westmoreland & Richard Glatzer talk about 'Still Alice' and Kristen

Aren’t you guys going back to the Toronto Film Festival this year, with Still Alice?

WESTMORELAND:  Yeah, we’re so excited.  All you ever hope for is that the movie is going to connect.  You put it out there and you want it to be something that people are going to take into their minds and into their hearts.  That’s the greatest thing, when you see an audience responding and when people come up to you afterwards.  When you feel that feeling in the room, that’s a great feeling.  With any film, you never know what’s going to happen, but we’re very excited to go there and find out.

What made you want to tell that story, and what was it like to work with that cast of actors, which includes Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart?

WESTMORELAND:  We’ve been extremely lucky, with both films, to have amazing actors respond to the material.  In both cases, when you writing, sometimes the ideal people come into mind.  Who better to play Errol Flynn, in that period in his life, than Kevin Kline.  Who better to play the mom than Susan Sarandon.  Dakota Fanning was a dream Beverly.  We’re pinching ourselves a little bit that we managed to get such amazing connection between the script and these actors.  It’s the same with Still Alice.  Working with Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin and Kristen Stewart was a fantastic experience.  These people have incredible skills and talents, and they bring them to the story that you’ve written and make it come alive in this wonderful way.  That’s why we’re in the business.

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Kristen Stewart - Interview Magazine Photoshoot (Non-Scans) 

Kristen Stewart - Transcript from ELLE MAGAZINE & Images now Non-Scans (Untagged)

Deciphering the Kristen Stewart Phenomenon

At once the ultimate tough girl and the vulnerable everygirl, Kristen Stewart has been bringing emotional, undeniably real characters to the big screen for more than a decade. She has millions of fans and a slew of new projects big and small, but the actress's most impressive feat to date? Tuning out all that noise.

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Jesse Eisenberg talks about Kristen and American Ultra with Total Film Magazine

Adam Brody talks about when he worked with Kristen in 'In the Land of Women'

Com'è stato lavorare con Kristen Stewart?
Lei era davvero grande, ma studiava sul set e di conseguenza abbiamo parlato veramente poco. Potrei dire che già da allora le si prospettava un grande futuro, però.

Comment était-ce de travailler avec Kristen Stewart? 
Elle était vraiment grande, mais elle était étudiante sur le set et en conséquence nous avons parlé très peu. Je pourrais dire que, même alors elle avait un grand avenir, si.

¿Cómo fue trabajar con Kristen Stewart? 
Ella era realmente grande, pero ella estaba estudiando en el set y como resultado hemos hablado muy poco. Que pude ver que, incluso entonces, él tenía un gran futuro.

Clouds of Sils Maria will be released in the UK May 8, 2015

Clouds of Sils Maria sarà rilasciato in UK l'8 Maggio 2015
Sils Maria sortira au Royaume-Uni le 8 mai 2015
 Clouds Of Sils Maria se lanza en el Reino Unido 8 de mayo 2015

New photo of Robert with friends in New York (August 28)

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Kristen For Vanity Fair (France) - Digital Scans + iPad Digital Scans


image host image host

'Equals' Director Drake Doremus thanks cast & crew

"Che avventura speciale era questa fase giapponese !!!!
Grazie a tutti per il vostro duro lavoro e per aver messo il cuore ogni giorno.
E 'stato un grande onore essere circondato da tutti voi.
Non sono mai stato con un team di persone che mi hanno fatto sentire così orgoglioso! Sinceramente grazie di tutto.
Con tanto amore e guardando al nostro ultimo giorno, domani, con impazienza! Poi verso Singapore :)
Drake "

"Quelle aventure spéciale a été cette étape japonaise!!!!
Merci à tous pour avoir travaillé si dur et pour y avoir mis du coeur chaque jour.
Ça a été un tel honneur d'être entouré par chacun d'entre vous.
Je n'ai jamais été entouré d'une équipe de personnes me rendant si fier! Merci sincèrement pour tout.
Avec beaucoup d'amour et attendant avec impatiente notre dernière journée ici demain! Puis direction Singapour :)

"¡Qué aventura esta vez era especial japonés !!!! 
Gracias por su arduo trabajo y por haber puesto mi corazón todos los días a todos. 
Es un gran honor estar rodeado de todos ustedes. 
Nunca he estado con un equipo de personas que me han hecho sentir tan orgulloso! Sinceramente gracias por todo. 
Con mucho amor y mirando a nuestro último día, mañana, con impaciencia! Entonces a Singapur :) 
Drake "

Video - ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ BTS Interview

Kristen at 4:20

New-Old fan picture of Kristen at the 2012 TCAs

New-Old fan photos of Rob in London (2010)

Rob in Notting Hill, the place where his sister Lizzy held a show. April 22.

Kristen on the cover of Obsession Magazine France, September 2014 Issue 2014 (New Cannes Portrait)

New pics of Rob out with friends in New York (August 27)


New-Old photo of Rob during the promo of 'Twilight' at the Apple Store in Soho (2008)

New "Still Alice" Pics!